• Georgia McCall

Spicing up my closet + Making a switch

I used think sustainable, eco friendly, and used clothing also meant boring clothing. Over time I researched, became more educated about where my clothing is coming from, and I’m slowly changing the way I shop. My closet is far from containing only ethicality made and sustainable clothing, but here are a few things that Ive been doing lately to spice up my closet without spending an arm & a leg, while also staying conscious of our planet. ⠀

1: I got rid of everything that I don’t wear & everything that doesn’t fit me properly. Having all of the excess stuff out of my closet has made getting ready in the mornings so much easier!

2: When I shop, I ask myself “Am I going to wear this item a AT LEAST 30 times?” If I even have to question it, I put it back.

3: Shopping my friends closets & thrifting! I have about 2 or 3 friends that wear similar sizes & have similar style. So I’m always down to shop their closets when they’re selling stuff they don’t wear anymore! It feels like a personal shopper has picked out a whole pile of clothes in your size, just for you! I also recently got into thrifting, but I have to be honest...it requires a ton of patience to search through all of those racks for the hidden gems. If you’ve met me, you know I’m not all that patient, so I take a make sure to take a veteran thrifter with me while I learn the thrifting ways! ⠀

5: Buying quality items! This one was hard for me at first because naturally I always look for the best deal. There are certain things that I know I’m always going to wear, so it’s best to buy high quality even if it costs a little more up front. Things I splurge a little more on are: tank tops, bras, a good black bodysuit, panties, and a pair of good black pumps. My favorite spot for eco friendly and high quality pieces has been EcoVibe. They are local to Portland and have such adorable stuff for both your closet and your home!

6: I check Poshmark! Anytime I get the urge to buy something that is name brand or designer, I ALWAYS check Poshmark first! Name brand items are often time sold on sites like this for a fraction of the price you would find them at Nordstrom and other similar places. Recently I found a pair of adorable Hunter Boots for $13 (originally $160), Spanx Faux Leather Moto leggings for $50 (originally $110) and a pair of Top Shop Jaimie jeans for $30 (originally $75)

What are your thoughts on preloved clothing? I would love to hear them!

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