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Orangetheory experience + My new fav attire!

I'm sure I'm not the only one out there that's guilty of throwing my workout on the back burner... When looking at my daily schedule there wasn't a whole lot of extra time for anything, let alone getting a good pump in. Lets face it, after a full day at work, then a couple of airbrush tan appointments, the last thing I want to do is drag my booty to the gym!

After hearing about Orangetheory a few times and passing one daily on my way to work, I decided to try it. I loved the idea of fitting in a whole full body workout in just one hour. But, even fitting in an hour seemed impossible on some days. I figured though, that if I felt like I couldn't put aside an hour out of my day to do something to improve my overall health, then it was even more evident that I needed to make the effort to clear some time.

After checking Orangetheory out online and asking a few friends about their experiences, I called and booked my first class! Upon arriving I was given full tour of the whole gym, by the gym manager Melanie. She was so helpful when it came to understanding the whole process and what to expect. After showing me around the cool orange lit room, getting me all set up with a heart monitor, it was officially time to start my first class!

I'm sure the classes vary, but in the one I attended the workout consisted of three stations: rowing, treadmill and weights. I started on the row machine to warm up and than we were told by the instructor to row for a set distance we did some lunges, air squats (squatting movement with no weights) and went back to rowing. After doing rowing we moved on to the treadmill where we walked and ran on an incline, all of this was guided by the instructor. I then went on to the free weights and did around 3-4 exercises all under supervision of the instructor as she checked on everyone. Throughout the workout there was great music playing and I was able to track my progress on the large screens in front that was wired to my heart monitor. The whole class flew by, but by the end of it I was pretty darn tired! I was so surprised how we fit so much stuff into only one hour and I was impressed that I was able to complete all of it. My favorite part was not having to plan my workout or worry about which body part I was going to work on that day.

After the class was finished we did a quick group stretch and then Melanie went over my "SPLAT Points" with me. SPLAT POINTS are the minutes spent in the orange and red zones, the zones in which you're burning the most calories. In one hour I managed to earn 29 Splat points, burned 574 calories, and took 1774 steps. I would say that was a win for my first time!

Final thoughts on Orangetheory:

If you are someone that has a hard time fitting in a workout to your busy schedule or traditional gyms just aren't really you're thing, then I would highly recommend trying Orangetheory out. I love that you have to sign up for a class before hand, it made me plan out my day and kept me accountable for showing up! I also loved that they let you try your first class totally free! After you try your first class they have different plans available based on how often you'd like to attend. I think that it was well worth trying and I personally loved it!

SHINE by Adorn

Anyone that knows anything knows your workout attire is just important as the workout itself, right? Right!

Adorn in Portland, OR just launched their brand new workout collection, SHINE by Adorn! Everything in their new collection is swappable with other pieces in the collection so that you never get tired of the same old yoga pants and tee on the daily! Not to mention the quality is phenomenal! The Melissa pants are such flattering material and is smoothing in all the right places and the Shannon top is so versatile! I wore mine with a pair of jeans for a cute laid back look, or with my favorite pair of comfy pants. Use code "PEACH" online or at their Lake Oswego location to get $20 off your purchase so you can look fab and feel great for your first Orangetheory class!

xo G

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