• Georgia McCall

Local Self Love Day

It's all too easy to get wrapped up in our day to day lives and with that occasionally comes putting our own health and wellbeing on the back burner. This year for Valentines day I wanted to focus on self love and give my body a day of wellness. Here are some of my favorite places around Portland to give you mind, body and soul some much needed love.

Cupping Studio

The Cupping studio is located inside of ultra relaxing Zen Space in NE Portland. Inside you'll find Danielle, specializing in cupping and acupuncture. Before this experience I had never had either service done, and like most I was a tad nervous especially for the acupuncture. Danielle informed me that 18 acupuncture needles together add up to be about the size of a traditional needle you might see at a doctors office, this made me feel a whole lot better! Just as everyone told me, you can hardly feel it! The whole session was so relaxing and I learned so much about cupping and acupuncture that I had no idea about! I also left with some pretty awesome marks from the cupping session that I wore proudly for the next week. I can not wait to visit Dannielle again!

Massage Hodgepodge

One of my very favorite forms of self care has always been massage! With airbrush tanning Im always bending, twisting, and crouching, which often leads to tightness in particularly my shoulders and lower back. When I went to Nick for a massage session we discussed all of my problem areas so that we could target them from the get go. I feel like Nick genuinely wants to get to know his clients and help them feel their very best out in day to day life. After my massage session with Nick I felt rejuvenated and my shoulders particularly were so much more relaxed!

Stretch PDX

My 2019 New Years resolution was to stretch more. While I didn't do my stretches every single day like I had planned, I did start stretching much more frequently. Over the course of a year my flexibility and mobility has increased greatly, but I still had along way to go. I had seen Stretch PDX on Instagram in the past and I loved the idea of assisted stretching, so I decided to give it a go. Assisted stretching is when someone, who is professionally trained, helps you reach a deeper stretch than you would typically be able to reach on your own. Darby at Stretch PDX was phenomenal, she made me feel so comfortable and at ease. My boyfriend Mike even did a session, and we've decided that this is must for us. While stretching on my own is great, it doesn't even compare to session I had with Darby.

Enso Float

To top off my day of self love, I stopped into Enso Float. At Enso they have a variety of sensory deprivation float tanks. Each session is 90 minutes of silence, darkness (optional) and relaxation. The float tanks are located in in their own private rooms that have everything you need to enjoy the tanks and get the full experience. Before entering your float tank you take a shower, put in your ear plugs and put some ointment on any cuts so that the salt doesn't irritate them. The feeling of being weightless was was truly spectacular!

Each one of these wellness services were vastly differently and fantastic in their own ways. After this day of self love I felt refreshed, relaxed and in touch with my own body. I can not wait to visit each spot again!

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