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I was meant for this...

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Do you ever get that feeling in your gut where you just KNOW you’re headed in the right direction? I know that sounds kinda silly, but that’s how I’ve felt in business lately. I’ve never felt so sure in the direction that I’m headed. I’ve never been so sure of the decisions I’ve made to launch myself into the world of full-time entrepreneurship. Really ironic as my business is currently closed do to Covid 😆 Yet still....that feeling of certainty is still like a fire in my belly.

I can’t help but think of myself lately “I was made for this....this is exactly where I’m supposed to be...”

Though this feeling is so strong these days, I promise it hasn't always been that way. Ive always loved business, I just didn't think I was capable of ever having my own.

As I look back, I think Ive always been a little bit of entrepreneurial spirit:

At 4 years old I was doing my grandad Trevs hair, nails and makeup. He would let me do anything I wanted, bright red lips and all. (Yes, he’s an amazing man and I may have had him slightly wrapped around my finger as a little girl 😂) By 5 years old I was charging him extra for add ons like head scratches, removal of makeup and nail polish. 😆

At 7 years old I picked flowers from my grandmas neighbors beautiful big garden (sorry Janie 😬) and made “perfume” to sell to kids on the bus to give to their moms.

At 8/9 years old I had a lemonade stand with my sister Cassie and cousin Paige. They made the lemonade and waved signs, I was in charge of the stand. (I know I know, bossy 😂) We worked out that if we moved our stand closer to the “motorcycle guys house” then would sell more lemonade because they always had lots of friends over.

At 18 years old I spent hours upon hours hand gluing hundreds of tiny beads onto clear phone cases and making little lace flowers to attach onto headbands. I sold those online & at local bizarres for dirt cheap, calling my craft business "Georgias Gems". It taught me that my time is valuable and that I shouldn’t undercut myself.

I always dreamed of having my own "real" business one day. The issue is, I never thought I was smart enough to ever have one of my own. I thought in order to own a successful business, you MUST have a degree.

School was SO hard for me. From what I can recall, from fifth grade until graduation was absolutely terrible. The only really way I can explain it is that I remember looking at a page in a textbook and I would just see jumbled up paragraphs that made no sense to me. Or in math I would be looking at a whiteboard full of numbers and hear the teacher talking....but within about three mins of listening, I was completely lost. I have no idea why learning was so difficult for me, it seemed like somedays the most simple things were impossible for me to comprehend. Learning disability? Anxiety? Mix of both? Who knows. All I DID know, is that it was embarrassing and I felt like there was something completely wrong with me. You couldn’t pay me to relive my middle school/high school days, the only thing that got me through we’re my close friends and knowing choir was my last class of the day.

After high school, the thought of going to college scared the shit out of me. I KNEW I wasn’t smart enough for college. I KNEW I would fail. I KNEW I would be a disappointment. I put off going to college for about a year after high school, but when I felt like that was the only way I was going to get anywhere in life, I enrolled. I went to college for one year, I felt like an absolute imposter, so I dropped out and never looked back. I often think about what my young twenties would have looked like if I was shown other options besides college. I honestly don’t remember a single conversation in high school about options for after that didn’t have to do with college or university.

Im sharing a small piece of my journey in hopes that even just ONE person out there realizes that even if your path doesn't look like other peoples, keep going! YOU have something special to offer, even if you don't know what that thing is yet. If you’re waiting for a sign, or for someone to randomly walk up to you, put their hands on your shoulders, to look you in the eye and tell you that you can accomplish ANYTHING. Let me tell you right now... it’s probably never going to happen. 😂 So let this be a virtual version of that. If you have ever felt like you couldn’t do something because you’re not smart enough, good enough, fit enough, WHATEVER it is that you’ve been telling yourself all these years, PUT IT DOWN. I know it’s heavy as hell to carry around.

I feel like all of these things put me on the path to pursue my passion. For so long I didn't feel like I was worthy of the kind of life I dreamed of living, and now it terrifies me because I KNOW Im capable of achieving anything. And that is the most powerful feeling. Even though it seems so clear when I look back that this is where Im supposed to be, I couldn’t see it at the time. The same spark of excitement that I had in my belly as I kid when I thought of a “new business idea” has grown over time and has turn into to a blaze. There is no doubt that I was meant to be an entrepreneur and meant to be exactly where I am.

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