• Georgia McCall

I want to be like you when I grow up

There are five types of people to surround yourself with in life:

The inspired

The Passionate

The Motivated

The Grateful

The Open Minded.

As I think of all the incredible people I’m surrounded by, it actually makes me a little emotional. How did I get so freaking lucky? I have people in my life that inspire me to grow into the woman I want to become and truly make me want to be a better person, by just simply being exactly who they are.

I want to make everyone feel noticed, appreciated, and apart of the team, like Ken.

I want to show up daily in my truth, whatever that may look like, like Cait.

I want to serve the people I love selflessly, like Jodie.

I want to be have the dedication to growing my knowledge, like Cassie.

I want to give people that calming warm presence, like Paula.

I want to forgive people and be understanding, like Rachel.

I want to be a rock that’s always there, like Meg.

I want to fill a house with the ones I love and feed them, like grandma Kathy.

I want to be an unwavering friend, like Kassy.

I want to have a passion for people, like Mal.

I want to have an insane work ethic and dedication to my family, like Nick.

I want to the have grace, kindness, and poise, of Marissa.

I want to be resilient and strong, like AJ

I want to one day be a hardworking mama, like Ashleigh.

I want to stand up for what’s right, like Sam.

I want to let my creative side shine, like Mariah.

I want to be that friend that always shows up, no matter what, like my Mike.

I want to be quick witted, like my grandma Trish.

I want to make sure everyone feels included, like Alexa.

I want to show up unapologetically in every day life, like Kristy.

I want to be an infectious storyteller that captures people, like my mum.

I want to have a strong intuition, like Lindsey.

I don't want to be afraid to get back up and start over after falling, like Johnny.

I want to chase my passions wholeheartedly, like Hannah.

Thank you to everyone that inspires me, keep shining. ❤️

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