• Georgia McCall

Five things I betcha didn't know about me

I freakishly remember people’s names, it's weird.

I know it’s normal to remember names, but I’ve been told I have a really great memory in this department specifically. Like if you pulled out a class photo from first or second grade, I guarantee that I could name every single person, like I saw them yesterday. Another weird time I’ve noticed it is when I go back to New Zealand (where I was born & lived until I was about I was about 6) I see people around town that look familiar, I know their names, but have zero memory of how I really know them. So strange right?

I'm a turtle mum!

What kind of animal do you get when you don’t have space or time for a pup? A turtle! (Or two) When Mike & I met he had the dream of building a headboard in his bedroom, with a fish tank on top with lot of plants and stuff. Over time as his vision came to life he changed his mind and decided he wanted baby turtle to live in the tank instead of fish!

Our first turtle we named “Elon the Musk” because he was a Razorback musk. Unfortunately he passed away and we later got two more little guys. This time we got “Bruce” another Razorback musk, and a buddy for him named “Clark” who is a southern painted turtle. They are so much fun to watch and take care of.

I lived in three countries before I was six years old.

Before the age of six I had lived in New Zealand, Australia & the USA. Coming up on 20 years in the US! I'm currently a greencard holder, and one day when I apply for US citizenships, I’ll have dual citizenship and be able to hold a passport for each country. ALSO when I have kids one day they will be able to become New Zealand citizens by descent, as well as my husband when I’m married will be able to apply for citizenship by marriage so that we can all have dual citizenship even if we don’t live there!

I absolutely hate Peanut Butter!

And don't just mean highly dislike. I mean like I HATE the stuff with a fiery passion. As a kid I would gag at the sight or smell of it. As I got older I learned to deal with it as I had little sisters that lived on the stuff. Growing up I would even sometimes tell my teachers that I was slightly allergic so that I could have the cheese crackers at snack time instead of the peanut butter ones.

Ive NEVER been to Disneyland!

When we moved to the US we always talked about going to Disneyland. In my six year old mind, all of the theme parks, as well as the statue of liberty, and probably a McDonalds would all be in my new backyard in this new neighborhood we were moving to called "America". Well, we ended up moving to Atqasuk, Alaska. Located on the North Slope, population 220 and only accessible by bush plane. We still planned to go to Disney, but over the years life got busy. Next year I will be celebrating 20 years in the states, so my sister Cassie (who moved here with my Mum & I) are planning a trip to celebrate! Its about damn time, right?

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